#32 – Bob Marley

Bob Marley Beards of HistoryBob Marley, a man who knew how to “Jamaica” big difference in the world, is this week’s Beard of History.

The King of Reggae was born on February 6th, 1945 in Saint Ann Parish, Jamaica.

His music career began with The Wailers, a reggae band in which he developed his style when writing music. When the Wailers broke up in 1974, it gave Marley and his beard a chance to thrive, becoming one of the world’s best selling artists and selling more than 75 million records.

His music had this incredible way of unifying people.

Despite the fact that Marley and his beard had been devoted Rastafarian, Songs such as “One Love” had opened the eyes of millions, regardless of race or religion.

He truly connected people through the ability to jam to his music.

However, in 1977, Marley’s melanoma had become too severe, eventually taking his life.

RIP Bob Marley, may your beard grow forever.

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