Beard Brush or Beard Comb?

When to use a beard brush or beard comb?

You should use a beard brush or beard comb when growing out your beard.

We’ve written extensively on the benefits of combing your beard. But what about beard brushes?

Beard brushes are great. The benefits of brushing your beard are the same as when using a beard comb. Use a beard comb or brush to detangle the beard, stimulate the follicles, and distribute beard oil evenly.

Using a beard comb or beard brush and oil is the best way to groom a beard. However, you’ll likely want to avoid cheap a beard comb and brush, as they may be made of plastic.

Plastic can do great damage to beard hair. It’s very important to avoid plastic beard combs and brushes.

In the past, we’ve covered related topics such as how to comb your beard, benefits of wooden beard combs, and how to comb your beard.

However, we haven’t discussed when to start using a beard comb or beard brush.

Generally, you should use a beard brush or beard comb depending on the length.


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Short Beard

Use a beard brush if your beard is short.

The best beard brush practice is to use it after applying beard oil.

The short bristles of the beard brush will help distribute oil evenly throughout the beard. It will also stimulate the follicles which promotes healthy beard growth.

At this short length, your beard will not really be in need of de-tangling. Your main goal is to grow a healthy beard right from the start.

Long Beard

If you take a beard comb and stick it in your beard, does it stay in without you holding it there?

If so, your beard is long enough to start using a beard comb.

The beard brush will lose its ability to get to the skin when your beard gets longer and thicker.

A wooden beard comb will significantly help detangle your beard. It also provides the same follicle stimulating benefits as a beard brush.

Your beard will be tangle-free and entirely coated with a protective layer of beard oil.


In conclusion, whether you use a beard comb or beard brush is entirely up to your beard’s length.

Use a beard brush if the beard is short. Use a beard comb is the beard is long.

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