Why does a beard company make aftershave?

My uncle lives in California wine country, and when I recently visited him I brought him a bottle of California Beard Company natural aftershave (the poor guy has to be beardless for work).

Upon receipt, he said, “Thanks, but what’s a beard company doing making aftershave?”

He’s probably not the first person to see us selling aftershave splash and wondering what that’s all about.

If we make beard care products, doesn’t it go against our mission to sell aftershave for men, a product used in the removal of beards?

Actually, no…aftershave is the secret ingredient in growing a great beard!

Let me explain…

Aftershave California Beard Company

The Case for Aftershave

Despite the fact that you are growing your beard, I firmly believe you should still be shaving your neck and your upper cheeks.

(This isn’t so much a product recommendation as it is a grooming suggestion)

Shaving your neck and cheeks are important for two reasons:

  1. It gives definition to your beard and jaw
  2. It indicates to the world that you are intentionally growing a beard, and not just being a lazy slob

To take your beard to the next level, all you need to do is shave your neck up to about 1 inch under the jawline.

It will instantly look better, and best of all it takes less than five minutes since you’re not shaving your entire face…

Now, some guys don’t shave because their skin is sensitive, it breaks out with redness or little bumps.

All that irritation is most likely due to germs, dirt, and oil getting into the microscopic cuts on your skin.

Use aftershave to clean those microscopic cuts, tone and soothe your raw skin after shaving.

If you use aftershave splash you will reduce redness and irritation caused by shaving

The aftershave from California Beard Company is an all-natural infusion of Organic Witch Hazel and Menthol Crystals.

Our natural aftershave tones, cleanses, and soothes your skin, helping you and your beard look great.

PS Remember, you get free shipping on every order and a gift with your first purchase! We also plant 1 tree for every product sold.

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