Why Beard Oil is a MUST

Guest Post by Jason Hall, Wisebeards.com

  • Are you starting to grow out your beard?

  • Do you already have a beard?

  • Does beard oil mean nothing to you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you MUST read this article.

Using beard oil is an essential way to ensure proper beard and skin health and to maintain that polished, manly look we all admire.

Below, I’ve outlined important information below regarding everything you need to learn about beard oil. Keep reading to learn and the tips and tricks you need to know about applying this magical serum.

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What is beard oil?

First and foremost, we need to have a little chat about what exactly a beard oil is.

Beard oils have a very important role – moisturize and hydrate your skin.

It doesn’t sound much like it but it is a BIG deal. Essentially, beard oils are designed to act in the same way as the natural oils your skin produces.

Beard oils have been growing in popularity recently, but they’re nothing new. Our ancestors have been using oil to nourish and maintain their beards for a very long time.


High-quality beard oils may vary in ingredients, but they share a couple of critical elements: carrier oils and essential oils.

Carrier oils are often found in a bunch of different grooming products because they are powerhouses when it comes to hydration.

On the other hand, essential oils smell fantastic and also come along with some natural health perks. For example, tea tree oil has excellent antimicrobial properties, and frankincense promotes natural cell growth.

If you’re familiar at all with aromatherapy, or alternative medicine, you’ve probably heard of essential oils. These oils have gained a lot of popularity lately for a good reason. Similar to carrier oils, essential oils come from plants. They are named “essential” because they capture the “essence” of the plant it derives from.

Carrier oils are oils that come from the fatty portions of a plant. Carrier oils get their name from their functionality. Primarily, these oils carry the essential oils with them to the skin.

This way you get double the benefits – the carrier and the essential oils. Combine carrier and essential oils and you’ve got an excellent concoction. As far as carrier oils go, expect to frequently come across jojoba, argan, and grapeseed when searching for quality beard oil. These carriers are well known for their moisturizing benefits.

Some favorite essential oils include cedarwood, patchouli, tea tree, and peppermint. Cedarwood and patchouli have masculine scents that can double as a cologne, and tea tree and peppermint help to invigorate the senses


Have you ever seen those guys that walk around with perfectly formed mustaches and beards that are meticulously kept? Well, fellas, I can almost guarantee you that these gentlemen are using beard oil.

Beard oils help make your skin healthy, moisturized and hydrated. They help with dandruff and make your beard soft as a cloud.

Whether you have a tiny mustache or a long and flowing beard, I promise, your beard will look its best when you are using oil.

One of my favorite things about most beard oils is that they smell fantastic. Put some oil on in the morning, and you’ve instantly set yourself up to feel excellently for the rest of the day. As a word of caution, if you’re a guy that likes to wear cologne, just make sure that the beard oil you choose doesn’t clash with the scent you’re already wearing. You also don’t want to walk around smelling too strongly!

Beard oil isn’t just for your whiskers—the skin hiding under all of that facial hair benefits too. The critical component here is hydration. Making sure that your beard isn’t thirsting for some moisturization helps to ensure that your whiskers aren’t dry and brittle, and it can help to reduce any itchiness or irritation.

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What’s the Thing with Beard Balms?

One of the most common questions I usually see is – what’s the difference between beard balm and beard oil?

First, you need to know that beard oils won’t help with styling or hold – don’t expect any beard oil to help you with that.

This is where beard balms come into play. Usually, beard balms are used to condition and hold.

They contain carrier oils, essential oils, beeswax, and vegetable butter.

Depending on the amounts of beeswax in the balm, its hold may change.

With beard balms, it’s all about the ingredients.

If you need more hold for your beard make sure you get a balm with a large amount of beeswax. If you’re looking for more of a conditioning effect go for one with more butter.

The popular beard balms usually provide a good balance between the two.

And yes, you can definitely use beard balm and beard oil together.

Applying Beard Oil

When to Apply

The best time to apply beard oil is right after you get out of the shower or wash your beard.

The steam from the shower softens your whiskers, which ensures that they’re primed and ready to be blasted with some serious hydration. Try to apply beard oil every day.

Your facial hair and skin will thank you. Furthermore, if you keep up with daily application, your beard may become very forgiving.

If you accidentally forget a day, it won’t be too disastrous; the conditioning you’ve built up should keep your beard looking great even on an off day.

How to Apply

Applying beard oil is easy. After you get out of the shower, just use a couple of drops of oil in the palm of your hand.

From there, rub your hands together so that the oil completely covers your fingers and palms. Then, gently massage your greased up hands over your facial hair.

Be careful when you do this. It’s important to rub whiskers in one smooth, direction.

Make sure to distribute the oil to the bottom of our beard and use your fingers to gently smooth over the mustache area.

Finally, brush or comb your beard to make sure the oil is evenly distributed throughout your facial hair.

How Much to Apply

When it comes to beard oil, less is more.

This is a big reason why you shouldn’t let the price of this grooming product frighten you.

With daily use, a high-quality bottle of oil should last you for a few months.

You certainly don’t want to end up looking greasy, so make sure only to use what is the need.

For most men, this is going to be 2-3 drops. If needed, you can always apply more, but if you spread in too much oil from the get-go, that is much more difficult to fix.

Jason Hall blogs at Wisebeards.com about everything manly – With a strong passion for men’s grooming and self-improvement of all kinds.

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