The 4 Best Affordable Electric Razors

We put together a list of the best affordable electric razors.

The top-of-the-line electric razors will come with a base that both charges and auto-cleans the razor. However, these models can run upwards of $200. Yikes!

We want to help you save some money. Shaving and saving!

Electric razors are great because of their compactness. You don’t need to buy 5 other items to complete a wet shaving kit.

If you travel often and need to be clean-shaven an electric razor is a perfect fit. You don’t need to worry about whether your razor blades will pass TSA checkpoints.

Just plug it in and shave, no pre-shave rituals necessary! However, make sure you’re treating your skin right with proper post-shave rituals (aftershave).

Fight acne, redness, and other irritation that can be caused by shaving by using aftershave.


Rather have a top-of-the-line electric razor instead of affordable? Check out our recommendations


Here’s 4 of the best affordable electric razors:

1. Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Travel Electric Razor

Starting off the list is this great little compact travel electric razor by Philips. This little guy has two rotary blades on the top and is about 4” long.

The two rotary blades are floating independently of the body which allows them to follow the contours of your face. People say that this razor gives a great close shave similar to that of the very expensive electric razor models.

Also, this little electric razor is great for traveling but pack your AA batteries. It does not come with a charger and has no onboard battery. However, the device should last about 60 minutes per battery charge and comes with 2 AA batteries in the package.

2. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

If you’re looking for an electric razor that’s great for travel, but want something a little bigger than the Philips Norelco PQ208, check out Remington’s F5-5800 Foil Shaver. These guys have a fantastic reputation for making high-quality products.

This electric razor comes with a charging cord enabling you the convenience of shaving while plugged in or not. If you unplug, you’ll get about 60 minutes of battery time.

Remington claims you’ll get up to 20 days of shaving in between charges. With a 2 hour charge time, that’s not bad!

It comes equipped with Intercept Shaving Technology, which is something that sits between the foils to pre-trim long hairs. This results in a closer shave. It also has pivot and flex technology which enables each foil to independently adjust to the contours of your face.

Use the pop-up detail trimmer to work those fine edges of your beard. When you’re ready to clean it just run it under the faucet.

3. Phisco Electric Shaver Razor

This is a great affordable electric razor by Phisco. Similar to the Remington, it has 3 rotary blades with similar floating technology and comes equipped with a precision trimmer. What sets this electric razor apart is that the 3 rotary blades are actually double looped, which gives the razor 50% more coverage than a single loop.

Additionally, the loud buzz of a traditional electric razor is severely suppressed. Phisco found a way to reduce the sound emitted from the motor, yet the motor still powers 2800 RPMs. This way you can shave in the early morning and not wake a significant other.

The body is equipped with a LED display showing the battery life of the device. It has a great battery with a charge time of 60 minutes and a 120 minute runtime.

This affordable electric razor is also completely waterproof. You can shave with it in the shower or wherever you find yourself. To clean it, simply rinse the entire thing under a faucet.

4. Hatteker 4 in 1 Electric Razor

The Hatteker 4 in 1 Electric Razor for Men is very similar to the Phisco Electric Razor. It is an affordable electric razor that comes with many features common to many electric razors. The three rotary blades come ready to follow the contours of your face. The entire body is waterproof and cleaned easily via rinsing in the sink.

The LED indicator on the body shows the battery life, whether the device needs to be cleaned, its charging status, and whether the travel lock is on. Travel lock is great to avoid your electric razor accidentally turning on during your trip. TSA will be all up in your business and you’ll have a dead razor on your hands.

This product comes with 4 easily changeable heads. The first is the standard beard shaver with 3 dual-ring rotary blades. Secondly, a facial cleansing brush for exfoliating. Next, a precision trimmer which helps define lines and edges of your beard. Finally, it also comes with a nose trimmer so you don’t gross out the ladies with your nose hair.

The charge to run time on this one isn’t the best. It takes 90 minutes to charge for only 60 minutes of use. However, what’s cool is that it comes with a USB charger. You can plug this electric razor into your laptop and charge up while on a train or plane!

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