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The best tool for keeping a longer beard trimmed is a good pair of barber scissors. Also known as shears, they help keep your beard clean and tight. We decided to compile the best barber scissors we could find since we don’t sell them.

Add any of these barber scissors to your grooming kit and you’ll have barber tools just like a professional.

If your beard is shorter, you may not need to use barber scissors to trim your beard just yet. Get your hands on a beard trimmer if your beard is too short for scissors.

None of these barber scissors should set you back too much cash. You likely don’t need to spend more than $20 – $30 to get great barber scissors.

Worried this list is only for right-handers? Worry not. We’ve included one left-handed barber scissors on this list for all you lefties.

1. Sanguine Professional Moustache Scissors

This pair of beard trimming scissors by Sanguine is an excellent buy. With a bad ass looking black frame, this tool is extremely sharp due to the scissors being made of Japanese steel.

People report that they are still extremely sharp even after over a year of use. These are probably the best barber scissors you can find.

The 5” long beard scissors are hand-crafted which is always a plus in our opinion. Folks claim this pair of scissors works for both right- and left-handers!

This pair of barber scissors is rated as Amazon’s Choice, which means it’s highly rated with a great price point.

2. Suvorna 5" Men's Beard & Mustache Scissors

The next pair of barber scissors on the list is another 5” pair by Suvorna.

These scissors are designed to perform precise cutting of your mustache, beard, and sideburns. With a slick silver color, these Japanese steel barber scissors are razor sharp.

The product comes in an awesome genuine leather carrying pouch. Additionally, a comb and extra finger holders are included with the scissors.

It also has been featured in Men’s Journal. The manufacturer provides an awesome 60-day return policy and a lifetime warranty for the item.

Caution for lefties, a reviewer said the thumb hole is bent to best accommodate a right-hander, which sounds uncomfortable for lefties.

3. Equinox Professional Shears Razor Edge Series

The next barber scissors on our list are the 6.5” professional shears by Equinox. These shears’ reputation is of being sharp, comfortable, and reliable.

An Amazon bestseller, this pair of shears is stainless steel with a golden adjustable tension screw connecting the two pieces.

Slightly longer than the first two models on this list, the Equinox shears are lightweight and comfortable in your hands. You can adjust the tension of the scissor blades which allows for fine-tuned control.

The product is very sharp and delivered in a vacuum-sealed package, coated with lubricating oil. Make sure you give this baby a wash with soap and water before using.

4. Left Handed Hair Scissors by Sanguine

This one is for all you left-handers out there. Sanguine, maker of the Amazon’s Choice barber scissors, also offers a great option for lefties.

This pair of barber shears also has a round tension screw connecting the blades giving you greater control. It is made of Japanese steel and comes with a removable finger rest.

It has been vouched for by actual stylists as being top quality. It is one of the best barber scissors for the price.

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