The 5 Best Shave Brushes You Can’t Afford

These are not the shave brushes you need. These are the shave brushes you want. The best shave brushes. This post is for those looking for the luxury shave experience who don’t mind paying the luxury price.

If you’re okay spending over $100 on a shave brush, read on. If not, check out our post on affordable shave brushes of comparable quality.

The idea is that these brushes are some of the best shave brushes in the world. You should feel confident buying one of these brushes and having it last for 10+ years. These could end up as family heirloom pieces, passed on to new generations, if treated with proper care.

The best shave brushes will be:

  • Made of real badger hair
  • Have a nice weight to them (to not require too much force of the bristles on the soap. Messes up the bristles
  • Hair should not fall out of the Knot

You’ll probably want to get a stand for your new shave brush. The best stands will be made of stainless steel or other non-rusting metal.

Are you ready? Cuz it’s time to treat-yo-self.

The Best Shave Brushes:

Muhle Shaving Brush

Muhle is one of the best manufacturers of high-quality shaving products in the world. This shave brush is consistent with that high quality reputation.

You’ll be able to feel the difference the moment you hold it in your hand. Check out that sexy, sturdy chrome plated handle.

Its handle has a brass core which is nickel plated and refined in galvanized chrome. This is the best shave brush for that luxury feeling when you shave.

The brush itself is made of soft silvertip badger hair. Be warned, it’s real badger hair. Real badger hair shave brushes sometimes smells a little funky.

However, this is high-quality stuff and you will find yourself whipping up a great lather once the bristles are broken in. It holds water and can lather hard tallow very easily, with little pressure due to the weight of the brush.

You also should not experience initial hair shedding from this brush. The knot is not replaceable, so it’s super important that the badger hair doesn’t shed.

The handle is specially crafted to match the design of other Muhle safety razors. If you like your razor and shaving brush to match, see their limited edition Gold Double Edge Safety Razor, which was included in our roundup of the Best Double Edge Safety Razors.  

Chubby CH3 Super Badger Shaving Brush by Simpson

If you rate the best shave brushes by price, the Chubby CH3 by Simpson is at the top of the list. We can’t say how much it costs but click here to see.

Right off the bat, this shave brush does not look nearly as elegant or opulent as other shave brushes. It has a classic, short (chubby) body, with a badger hair knot that blooms after it’s broken in.

There is no metal or shininess to give it that luxury appearance. And let’s be honest, it doesn’t need it. Maybe those other fancy looking brushes are overcompensating for something…?

Simpson’s reputation is fantastic and they apparently don’t need a fancy stainless steel handle to produce the best shave brush. It has great sturdiness, yet is quite soft to the touch, and can hold enough lather for multiple passes.

The Chubby CH3 is a legacy item. A family heirloom type piece. A gift for your son, and his son, and even his son might still find the bristles in tact.

Baxter of California Silver Tip Badger Shave Brush

Baxter of California is another great brand that makes great shaving products, including some of the best shave brushes.

Look at this shave brush. It exudes elegance with a silvertip badger brush attached to a slick aluminum handle with a matte black finish.

This shave brush is reported to have less of the animal smell compared to other top shave brushes. It’s bristles are tightly knotted, but soft, and should not shed like a cheaper shave brush does.

It can hold plenty of water and creates a very fine lather. This shave brush is designed to breath naturally, which allows the bristles to dry which prevents bacterial growth.

Plus, it’s perfect for travel with its short but sturdy 4.25” handle. Be careful when wet, this baby has enough weight to really cause some pain if dropped on your toes.

This is the one of the best shave brushes and a very nice upgrade if you’ve been using a lower-grade brush.

Kent BK8 Shaving Brush

Kent is another manufacturer of some of the best shave brushes, and the BK8 is up there among the greats.

Another great shave brush that has a sturdy, firm backbone when it arrives, but is extra soft to the touch. The bristles can load enough lather for multiple passes. One guy even reported 3 passes AND shaving his head with one load of lather. Holy crap that’s a lot of lather.

As with the other high-quality shave brushes, you should not experience many bristles falling out. It will arrive in a classic red case with gold embossed lettering, which makes the whole experience feel quite classic.

Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Finally, the last, best shave brush on our list is by luxury shave brand Edwin Jagger. We’ve featured their products before, and their gear comes highly recommended.

This is another luxury shave brush that exudes luxury. With a slick black polyester handle, this shave brush is the goldilocks of shave brushes- not too light, not too heavy. It fits just right in your hand.

The silvertip badger hair brush is soft and light, perfect for the man with sensitive skin. Edwin Jagger claim they use the “very softest, rarest, and most luxurious quality” silver tip hair in this shave brush. Edwin Jagger chose this silver tip hair because of its ability to absorb hot water, transfer it to the face, and soften the beard during the shave.

Included with the shave brush is a matching slick drying stand, for hanging the brush to dry after a shave. While this post lists the best shave brushes available, no other shave brush on this list comes with a matching drip stand for the brush to dry! Nice work, Edwin Jagger! (Although you may want to upgrade to a proper stainless steel brush holder. Plastic sucks)

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