#14 – Che Guevara

California Beard Company Beards of History Che GuevaraChe Guevara, the Marxist revolutionary, is our Beard of History this week.

This bearded bro probably had no idea that his beard would appear on countless t-shirts sold at Hot Topic.

His image became a symbol of rebellion throughout popular culture.

During his youth, he studied medicine and traveled South America.

It was through this experience that he was radicalized due to the poverty, hunger and suffering he witnessed.

He saw the inequality of society as a result of American capitalist exploitation in Latin America.

Therefore, he got involved in rebellions in Guatemala and most famously Cuba.

He said to Cuba to attempt to overthrow Cuban dictator Fulgencia Batista.

Che rose quickly through the ranks and played a key role in the guerrilla campaign that deposed the Batista regime.

Following the revolution, he was heavily involved in running the new government.

He trained the militia who repelled the Bay of Pigs invasion, started a nationwide literacy campaign and instituted land reforms.

Guevara has both a revered and a reviled reputation, depending on your political leaning, and remains a popular and polarizing figure due to his ideology.

He often cited fellow bearded bro Karl Marx as inspiration for his ideals.

In 1965, after helping run the new Cuban govt with Fidel Castro for a while, he disappeared into thin air. Turns out he decided to skip town to travel the world helping other revolutionary efforts in other countries.

His revolutionary work made him unpopular with The Man and he was eventually captured in Bolivia where he was training insurgents.

He was executed on October 9, 1967 by a Bolivian officer.

Guevara dedicated his life to fighting social inequality and going against the grain of society as a true bearded warrior does.

RIP Che Guevara, may your beard grow forever

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