Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?

We always aim to get your order out the next day. However, we ship all packages by no later than 2 business days after the order is placed. All orders are shipped USPS First Class (for free!).

We generally do not process orders on the weekend. But sometimes we do 🙂

What is your return policy?

Customer service is our #1 priority. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your order you can get a full refund by returning the product within 30 days.

Did your order arrive damaged? Simply take a picture and email it to us so we can verify the damage. We’ll send a replacement ASAP.

Let us fix the situation by emailing us at

My order arrived damaged or broken!

If something in your order arrived damaged or broken, we’re terribly sorry to hear about that! Just send an email to with a picture of the damage. Once received, we’ll ship out a replacement ASAP.

What do you mean “Organic and Natural Ingredients”?

We say our products are made exclusively with organic and natural ingredients. What that means is that all ingredients came from something naturally occurring in nature (e.g., plants), opposed to something unnatural, like a synthesized chemical.

The term organic is used when we source a raw material from a vendor that is USDA Certified Organic. USDA Certified Organic means the product was not treated with chemicals such as pesticides/herbicides and is also not a genetically modified organism.

We try to source all our raw materials to be USDA Certified Organic because we don’t want you to put unnatural chemicals in your beard.

Is it really handmade?

Yes! Every cosmetic we produce is handmade.

What’s your tree planting program?

Glad you asked! It’s our way of giving back and helping fight global deforestation.

Read more about our program and how your beard can save the world.

Do you sell products in stores?

Yes! We are currently in a few locations in Los Angeles. Our goal is to build our network and expand into more retail spaces. Are you a buyer for a retail or boutique that sells handmade goods? Hit us up!

Are you really closed for vacation?

We’re a small business and our team size is small. Every now and then we need to take a break and relax. And also travel. We love traveling.

When we go traveling and close for vacation a notice will be placed on all product pages communicating the closure, which will display the timeframe of our temporary closure. All orders placed while we are closed for vacation will be processed the next business day following our return.

If we are closed for vacation and you need to contact us you can email and someone should get back to you soon. Give it at least a day in case we are traveling abroad without access to the internet. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and will do everything we can to remedy any issues.

Thank you for understanding.