#8 – Karl Marx

California Beard Company Beards of History Karl MarxKarl Marx, whose beard is so powerful it could seize the means of production for the working class, is our featured Beard of History for the week.

His beard was…er…Marx was a political philosopher, economist, and sociologist that is most widely known for his theories on economics, society, and politics.

His most well-known publication, The Communist Manifesto, is recognized as one of the most influential political publications, and it continues to influence political thinkers today.

His work called into question the problems of a capitalist society and predicted that communism would follow capitalism once that model ceased to be effective.

His work is highly controversial since exploiting the labor force and compounding wealth at the top is popular with the ruling class, and redistribution of wealth is popular with everyone else.

Marx (and his beard) has been described as being one of the most influential figures in human history and is often credited as being a principal architect of modern social science.

RIP Karl Marx, may your beard seize the means of production forever

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