How to Keep Your Beard Healthy?

Beard grooming requires time and commitment and has never been so easy. When you have a beard, you need to trim it regularly to keep it look resplendent like Modern Beardsman! In this blog, we have highlighted a few essential easy tricks that will help you keep your beard in style.

Be Patient

First and Foremost, to get a truly epic beard, you need to trim and leave it untouched for almost first 4-6 weeks to allow the facial hairs to grow in the required evenly length. This will help you pick a style and thickness you need.

Do Planning

Before you grow a beard, think what’s suit your face? Your beard shape and style should match your face shape for you to look smart. Do a little research and experiment different beard style according to your face shape.

Learn How (And When) To Trim

No matter if you plan to grow it long, pruning is essential to keep your beard in shape. Invest in a quality trimmer, made up of premium plastic material, to achieve Professional Beard Grooming Styling.

A regular trim will help you maintain your chosen shape, and keep your beard in line. Do a comb in a downward direction to get rid of unwanted curls and waves.

Wash It Regularly

Hygiene is essential when you have a long beard. Otherwise, you will face a complaint of itchiness every other day. To clean your skin deeply, scrub your beard twice a week with a specialised cleanser, and then gently pat it dry. Also, avoid overzealous towelling that could lead to split ends and hair frizziness.

Buy Beard Oil

Look at using good quality beard oil, made from natural ingredients for an added shine. You can apply oil once a day after a shower or when needed.

Moisturize Your Skin Well

Never ignore the skin beneath your beard. Those who maintain beard actually face a problem of dry skin. So, it is important to massage a high-quality moisturizer, on a daily basis, into your beard to avoid dryness and dandruff.

Take Care Of Your Diet

Your facial hairs grow from inside, means that it is made from protein, fat, and Vitamins B5, B3, and B9.  If you’re seriously committed towards your diet, you can have a healthy beard. Do add meats, nuts, yolks, milk, egg, and plenty of leafy greens in your daily diet.

3 Things to Remember Before You Buy Your First Beard Grooming Kit

  1. Check the ingredients. Not every product is for your skin. If your skin is sensitive or acne prone, buy a kit that includes all-natural ingredients products.
  2. A good-quality brush or comb is a must-have. Beard oil won’t help you get rid of the knots but a comb will.
  3. Pay attention to the oil, wash, conditioner, etc., included in the kit. Customise it accordingly. A good kit includes some wash or shampoo to make your beard look clean.

Be smart when you invest in a beard grooming kit!  

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