Straight Razor vs Shavette – What’s the Difference?

Use a Straight Razor

If you’re familiar with our other blog posts on shaving you’ll know we recommend you shave with a single blade.

There are 3 types of razors that use a single-blade: safety razor, straight razor and shavette.

Using a razor that has only one blade is important because multi-bladed razors trap oil, dirt, and dead skin in between the blades. This build-up can cause irritation, redness, and ingrown hairs because you’re essentially rubbing dirt on open cuts that are microscopic in size.

A single blade has no opportunity to trap irritants and is a cleaner method of shaving. 


What’s the difference between a straight razor and shavette?

The body of shavette and straight razors are quite different from that of a safety razor.

You can see how they differ by looking at a picture.

But what about the differences between a straight razor and a shavette?

Their bodies and mechanics are almost identical with the arm swinging out to reveal the blade.

However, one aspect of straight razors that make them different from shavettes is the blade is built into the body of the razor. A blade on a shavette is removable and meant to be replaced.

You do not remove the blade from a straight razor, rather you sharpen it using a strop. A strop is a leather tool that sharpens a straight razor.

Keep your straight razor sharp to provide a great shave. Strops will likely cost around $50 or more and it’s in your interest to buy a high-quality strop.

Unfortunately, the initial cost can be expensive, but shaving with high-quality gear is important as it will last you a long time and save you money.

If buying a high-quality straight razor and strop seems a bit intimidating or costly, try testing the waters of straight shaving by using a shavette.

Fortunately, you can get shavettes and blades for relatively cheap. All you do is replace the blade after every couple of shaves and you’re good to go!


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