Tips to Maintain and Groom a Beard

Growing a dream beard is not easy. It needs lots of patience, hard work, a healthy diet, and right remedies. A truly classic beard requires your patience and dedication. If you want to grow your beard, you have to say a strict no to styling or trimming. It is necessary for even growth and faster growth of hair. You must not touch your beard for almost 4 to 6 weeks. There is no need to worry about matching dresses. The online fashion boutique in Australia may help you in the selection of complementing outfits. Here are some tips that will help you to groom and maintain a healthy beard.

Consider Your Face Shape

Once you have desired length of beard, you have to trim it complement your face. Distinct shapes of the face may need different beard styles. Your jaw and beard must look in tandem for an oval, graduated shape. With a round or square face, you must grow a fuller beard to give an elongated feel to your face. For the rectangular or oblong face, you will need more hair on the side while avoiding excessive length under the chin. Choose the perfect style for your face.

Trimming and Washing

Pruning is necessary for a well-groomed beard. Even after planning to grow your beard, you have to invest in the right trimmer. Use the correct technique to shape your facial hair. You are free to keep your beard cropped or grow it long.

Washing is especially crucial for a healthy beard. Trapped skin cells and food may aggravate the itchiness. You have to scrub your beard daily with specialized cleansers. Gently pat your beard dry. Avoid overzealous toweling because it can increase the chances of split ends and frizzy hair.

Use the Best Beard Oil

You will need a special oil for your beard to maintain its hydration. However, it is necessary to wash your beard regularly to remove dirt, but it can strip away some natural oils of your beard. In this situation, beard oil can help you in conditioning. Try natural oils, such as coconut oil. Avoid the use of commercial oils with parabens, sulfates, and silicones. Silicones are not harmful, but they can coat your beard and restrict its growth.

You have to apply beard oil at least once in a day after your shower. Putting oil in beard is especially necessary if you are taking a warm bath. A hot bath can open up your hair cells and pores to trigger the absorption of oil. Pat your hair with a clean towel before applying oil because you will need damped beard instead of soaked ones. For a long beard, you may need a few extra drops to cover all hair. Huge beards need 7 to 8 drops, and 3 to 4 drops of oil are enough for a smaller one.

Beard Balm

For consistent growth of beard, you will need a beard balm, beard cream, beard wax or beard butter. A balm is necessary for styling and conditioning. A balm works as a conditioner, so you can use skip oil while using. A balm can be dense than oil, but you can get long-lasting conditioning with a balm. Apply it daily after taking a shower to provide your beard with proper nutrients.

The texture of the balm is grainy, so you have to rub a small quantity of balm between your palms to dissolve all grains. Apply this balm on your beard and skin. After cleaning and conditioning, you have to use particular mustache and beard combs. Comb your hair after applying moisture to remove tangles from facial hair.

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