Use aftershave to “look good, feel good”

Imagine you’re getting ready for a big interview. This job is going to be the one that changes everything. You’ll finally be able to afford to live the good life if you can only pass the interview.

To prepare, you buy a brand new fitted suit and get a sharp haircut. With “Look good, feel good” as your mantra, you’re feeling ready to nail the interview and get the job.

The morning of interview day you shave your face for that clean cut professional look…

A few hours later, on the drive to the interview, you notice your neck is red and irritated, and small bumps are breaking out all over.

Oh, S****!!

How are you supposed to “look good, feel good” when you know you definitely don’t look good?!

I’ve been there…I used to avoid shaving simply to avoid breaking out, irritation and redness.

However, over the years I learned the tricks to reducing redness and irritation…

How to look good, feel good

Aftershave California Beard Company

The first step is choosing a razor that is right for you. See our guide on choosing a razor for expert guidance.

Secondly, make sure you are sterilizing the skin after you shave. This is really important!

Using a razor on your skin creates microscopic cuts. You put yourself at risk of redness, irritation, and razor bumps if you don’t clean those cuts.

Dirt, oil, and dead skin can get inside the microscopic cuts. These things are all irritants and will actively work against you.

However, a good aftershave splash will clean those microscopic cuts on your skin. It will also help tone the skin.

Shaving properly with the right razor and treating your skin with natural aftershave are the best ways to reduce redness, irritation, and razor bumps.

The natural aftershave from California Beard Company is an essential for your shaving supplies.

I spent months researching the oldest known aftershave ingredients. I drew from historical barber books and other sources in order to create the perfect old-school throwback aftershave. 

California Beard Company’s natural aftershave is an infusion of organic witch hazel and menthol crystals. A solution that will clean, tone, and soothe your skin after a shave.

You will see marked improvements in your skin if you take steps to properly shave, including pre-shave and post-shave.

Therefore, grab a bottle of our aftershave now, so you’re ready to “look good, feel good” when the time comes.

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