3 Reasons to Use a Wooden Beard Comb

Use a wooden beard comb to ensure you grow a great beard. Wooden beard combs are great for many reasons.

They help detangle and soften the beard. When used with beard oil the wooden beard comb helps distribute oil evenly, coating the hair from tip to follicle.

The best wooden beard combs are made from sustainably sourced wood. Cutting down the rainforest to make combs isn’t really our idea of a smooth move.

Ideally, the wooden beard comb is an American made beard comb as well.

The main reason we recommend American made beard combs is sustainability. The less distance a product has to travel, the less the product contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Beard Comb and Beard Oil by California Beard Company

Why use a wooden beard comb? Here are three reasons:


1. No plastic

First, plastic is bad for many reasons. It doesn’t degrade ever. Unfortunately, it will sit in a landfill until the earth melts in a giant fireball, millions of years from now.

We already create so much garbage in our daily life. Let’s try and do better one day at a time.

2. No Frizz

Second, plastic beard combs also can cause static electricity to build up in your beard. This static electricity can cause your beard to stand on end and look all frizzy and out of control. Wooden beard combs bring no static charges to your face.

Plastic beard combs are also dangerous due to the way they are manufactured. Generally, plastic combs are created when liquid plastic is squirted into a mold. A seam is created in the comb where the two parts of the mold meet. This seam is very noticeable on plastic combs, and the seam affects the comb’s teeth as well.

The seams create an uneven comb surface. This unevenness can cause the comb to tear your beard hair. Ultimately, this can result in split ends, skin dryness/dandruff, and in some cases, beard pain.


3. Less sharp edges

Third, we’ve heard numerous reports of metal beard combs on the market whose teeth are incredibly sharp. Almost painful to use.

Fortunately, a wooden beard comb will have its teeth sanded down to a palatable sharpness. Any initial sharpness from the manufacturer should dissipate with time. The teeth will round out with use and should cause no discomfort to use.


If you’re going to grow a beard you’re going to need to groom it. Make sure you ditch those crappy plastic combs and upgrade to a wooden beard comb. A metal or bone beard comb work too. Just avoid the plastic beard combs.


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