#52 – W.G. Grace

This week our bearded brother of history is the Englishman W.G. Grace, the man who is considered one of the greatest players of the sport of cricket.

His skill on the field, especially as a batter, earned him a reputation as the best and helped to spread the sport of cricket.

Born in 1848 to a cricketing family, he followed his fathers and brothers in sport, but he also enjoyed playing golf, football (soccer), and curling.

W.G. and his beard were known for being “notoriously unscholarly” yet he attended medical school starting at age 20.

Actually, due to his qualifications as a medical practitioner, he was considered an ‘amateur’ cricketer, despite his claim that he made more money from cricket than medicine.

He wrote two books about cricket, fully capitalizing on his fame, emphasizing practice as a way to develop skills (as opposed to natural skill).

He worked hard at the sport but insisted it must be enjoyed, and that people take it too seriously.

He died in England in 1915 at the age of 67, leaving a legacy of a sport behind him.

RIP W.G. Grace, may your beard grow forever

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