3 Things About Aftershave You Need To Know

Imagine you’ve got a big event coming up. One where you need to look great, either in pictures or for first impressions.

You get a new stylish haircut and buy a new suit. You’re feeling great and about to head out the door, but before you go, you check yourself in the mirror.


Your neck is irritated and red, with razor bumps popping up everywhere. No Bueno.

A few hours earlier, you shaved your face but didn’t use aftershave. If you did, you wouldn’t be in this situation. So, what is aftershave and what does aftershave do?

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What is aftershave?

You can use aftershave to reduce redness, irritation, and razor bumps by cleaning the skin after a shave.

When you put a blade on your skin and cut off the hair, you create many microscopic cuts on your skin.

If that blade is dirty (think reusable razors or electric razors) and has multiple blades (again, reusable razors), you are putting yourself at risk of breaking out.

Take a look at a disposable razor under a microscope. It is filled with oil, skin, and hair deposits from shaving. These razors increase your chances of irritation because you are depositing that nasty material into your open pores.

Use a clean razor with every shave and use aftershave to finish the job. A good aftershave will clean those tiny cuts and tone your skin while doing it!

Also, if you find yourself avoiding shaving because of how raw it makes your skin make sure you are sterilizing those tiny cuts!


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What is aftershave made of?

California Beard Company is proud that our aftershave splash is all-natural.

But what is aftershave typically made of?

Generally, splash aftershave contains 4 types of ingredients:

  • Astringent
  • Emollient
  • Styptic
  • Fragrance

An astringent is a substance that shrinks tissue. It is useful for shrinking pores* which open during a hot shower. Astringents also sterilize any nicks or cuts from shaving. Examples are alcohol or witch hazel.

An emollient is a substance that softens and moisturizes the skin. It helps skin retain water, but reduces redness and flakiness common after shaving. An example is a glycerin.

A styptic is a substance that staunches bleeding when applied to the skin. A common styptic in aftershaves is potassium alum, aka aluminum. No thanks!

Fragrances are often added to aftershave to provide a nice aroma to the solution. Sometimes the aftershave ingredients have a pleasant naturally occurring aroma, such as menthol crystals.


Ingredients to Avoid

At California Beard Company, natural aftershave ingredients are the most important thing to us.

Remember to avoid products containing ingredients on this list:

  • Propolene glycol (a type of alcohol used as an astringent and the same ingredient used to make antifreeze)
  • Benzyl acetate and ethyl acetate (solvents used in perfumes and aftershave that have been linked to respiratory issues. Also, known as a carcinogen)
  • Synthetic fragrances (with chemicals that may cause respiratory problems, dizziness, and allergies)

Look for handmade products containing all natural ingredients, organic is best.

I cannot in good faith recommend putting known carcinogens into your bloodstream

We designed our natural aftershave splash after an old-school recipe, and believe it is the best aftershave for men on the market today.

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*Before you take to social media and roast us, we know pores don’t shrink. It’s the tissue around the pores shrinking that makes it appear that the pores shrink. We know, it’s just easier this way!

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