How to Use a Beard Comb

You’ve been growing out your beard for some time now. You’ve heard some talk of beard combs, but really, combs for beards? Sounds pretty ridiculous, even to us, but yet a beard comb can do wonders for your beard.

If you really want to have the softest and fullest beard you need to incorporate a beard comb into your daily routine. We suggest you pair a beard comb with beard oil or beard balm for maximum results.

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Wood vs Plastic

If you want to ruin the beard you’ve been growing for the past few months, go ahead and use a plastic comb. Plastic combs generate static electricity and will leave your hair frizzy and standing on its ends.

The beard comb you use should be made of either wood, metal, or bone/horn. It should also be sustainably made. Don’t contribute to rainforest deforestation or use bones from endangered species. That would be a major party foul. You don’t wanna be a dick, do you?

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Benefits of a Beard Comb

1. Detangle your beard

This is a fairly obvious benefit but it needs to be stated. Your gnarly beard will be tamed if you regularly comb it. Simply put, combing your beard will help it lay straighter and look better.

2. Stimulate the hair follicles

When you comb your beard, the teeth of the comb act to stimulate your hair follicles. Stimulation is the act of increased blood flowing to the follicle. Blood contains nutrients for hair growth so increasing the nutrients your hair follicle receives will result in a healthier beard. Combing your beard also helps work hair out of the follicle so you can avoid nasty ingrown hairs.

3. Spread beard oil evenly

You really should not be combing your beard unless it has beard oil in it. Combing a dry beard will probably result in a plethora of dandruff flakes flying around the room. Combing your beard after you put on beard oil will help distribute the oil evenly across your beard. Coating the entire hair with oil, from the follicle to the tip, is the best way to ensure maximum beard benefits.

How to Use a Beard Comb

1. Put on beard oil

Never comb a dry beard. Make sure you put on beard oil first. Check out our article on how to use beard oil.

2. Comb up

Start at the bottom of your neck and comb up. Do this so your beard is standing straight out and it will probably look pretty silly. Take a picture for Instagram.

3. Comb down

Start at the top of your beard and comb down, laying down all the hair you just stood up. Do this method at least once to ensure the beard oil is spread evenly.

Try not to comb more than a few times a day. It can dry out your skin if you comb too much, so only do it when you really need it!

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