4 Beard Comb Benefits

Imagine you’ve been growing out your beard for months now. It’s gotten long and you’re damn proud of it. Every day you wake up, look in the mirror, and leave the house ready to kick ass. However, one day you notice that your beard is starting to look a little wild. Your appearance is getting more scrubby every day with hair pointing in every direction. You could use a regular plastic comb to detangle your beard, but a beard comb benefits you in a multitude of ways.

Besides detangling, beard comb benefits include no frizz, hair follicle stimulation, assistance spreading beard oil evenly across the beard.

4 Beard Comb Benefits

  1. Detangles the beard
  2. No frizz
  3. Stimulates hair follicles
  4. Spreads beard oil evenly
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1. Detangles the Beard

A beard comb will easily detangle your beard. This is the most obvious benefit of them all. Using a beard comb is the first step in wrangling in your face fur.

The hair on your head looks better combed. The same goes for the hair on your face.

2. No Frizz

Beard combs should be made of wood, metal, bone, or keratin, but never plastic. If you are combing your beard with a plastic comb, STOP NOW!

Plastic combs create static electricity as your comb your beard. The charged hairs will start to stand up on their ends. You may find more split ends appearing at the end of your beard.

Non-plastic beard comb benefits include better oil distribution, softer hair, and zero frizz. Plastic combs can cause your hair to stand on its ends, dry the oil out of your beard, and leave you looking a general mess.

Our Beard Combs are handmade with sustainable eco-friendly Bamboo

3. Hair Follicle...Stimulation?

Oh yeah baby, stimulate those follicles. When you use a beard comb the teeth act to gently massage your hair follicle. Massaging does two things- 1) stimulates the follicles and 2) prevents ingrown hairs.

Stimulation is the act of blood being drawn to the follicle. Blood contains nutrients so the more blood flowing to your follicle, the thicker, healthier, and shinier your beard will look. The teeth of the comb also act to gently pry out any hair that is considering becoming ingrown. Avoiding ingrown hair is a key tenet of beard growth. Nobody wants big red zits on their face due to their beard refusing to birth some strands.

4. Spread It On

Beard comb benefits also include assistance with evenly spreading beard oil throughout the beard. The beard comb’s teeth help coat the entire hair strand with oil. This helps keep the entire hair soft, healthy, and hydrated. The teeth can cut through the thick hair and get to your skin, providing a better oil coat and detangling than your fingers can provide.

Comb your beard with a beard comb immediately after applying beard oil to your beard. You can even run the comb through your hair when you are done to get rid of any extra beard oil. Beard oil is good for more than just your beard, so feel free to apply it to other skin or hair on your body.

Not sure how to use a beard comb? Check out our article How to Use a Beard Comb for the best methods.

A beard comb benefits a bearded dude in so many ways, so head over to our store and grab a handmade beard comb. They are sustainably made of eco-friendly bamboo and hand sanded to size. Grab a bottle of beard oil while you’re there for maximum benefits. We plant a tree for every comb sold as part our commitment to combat global deforestation.

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