The 4 Best Double Edge Razors of 2018 (Best DE Razors / Safety Razors)

The following list contains 4 of the best of the best double edge razors. The big kahunas. Top dogs. You can’t get much better than this.

These DE razors are all made with incredibly high-quality materials and the reviews to prove it. We didn’t worry about price when researching products for this list. Quality, consistency, and community response weighed the most, followed by design and utility.

We don’t care if it looks cool if it’s god-awful at shaving. Looking cool is icing on the cake.

Quit cheaping out on the items you use all the time. Get a double edge razor that will last your lifetime. Multiple lifetimes, even. You can pass it on so that future generations can know not all equipment needs to be electronic.

Ready to step up your game? The best double edge razors are the definition of luxury. Take your shave to the next level.

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4 of the best double edge razors:

Double Edge Ivory and Gold Plated Safety Razor by Edwin Jagger (THE BEST OF THE BEST)

This DE razor by Edwin Jagger may be the best double edge razor you can get. In terms of consistency, quality, and design. Why does the best shaving stuff always come from England? They really know their stuff.

Its gold-plated closed comb head is beautifully engineered. Look at that picture. It’s gorgeous!

The head sits on top of an octagonal handle with 3 different design options. The choices are (imitation) Ivory and gold, 18 carat rose gold, and 18 carat rose gold with black. Honestly, our favorite design is the 18 carat rose gold. It looks so badass!

The handle also comes at 3 different lengths; regular, short, and long. Just go with the regular handle, if you ask us.

As far as razor blades go, they don’t use proprietary blades in this razor. Which is great. We’re a fan of blade-agnostic double edge razors. No consumer likes being pigeonholed into repeat business. When you order this one you’ll get 5 blades to start.

To change the blades just unscrew the head, carefully remove the blade with your thumb, insert a new blade and screw the head back onto the handle. It’s that easy.

Limited Edition: Muhle Gold Double Edge Safety Razor

Are you a playboy billionaire? Aspiring? If so, this is the best double edge razor for you.

First of all, it’s covered with an elegant gold coating. Best of all, it’s hella exclusive. Muhle only manufactured 999 of these gold coated double edge razors. There’s one less available since we already bought one.

You better act fast because this is a limited availability kind of thing. This thing is an heirloom piece that could be passed down to future generations.

With a 3.5” engraved gold handle and a closed comb design this double edge razor is less aggressive than its open comb counterparts. This allows for better control while shaving.

Also, the gold plated head is double-edged. Extend the life of the blade by using both sides. If the head looks familiar, that’s because Edwin Jagger uses the exact same piece. Muhle is kind enough to manufacture it for them.

Feather All Stainless Steel Double-Edge Razor

Woof. This is the most expensive double edge razor we’ve seen. Feather is a rock solid brand so you know you’re getting top-of-the-line gear when you go with them.

With a traditional design, this straight razor blends in as just another stainless steel double edge razor. However, once you pick it up you’ll see how it is the epitome of quality. You’ll notice the craftsmanship as it sits in your palm. This is a great piece of equipment that should last years if not decades.

Fortunately, nobody’s forcing you to use Feather razor blades in this double edge razor. You can use any standard blades you like. Amazing! The best double edge razors will be razor blade agnostic. However, many people claim Feather razor blades are sharper than many other blades. So, your call.

We recommend at least trying out a Feather razor blade if you’re going to spring for the best double edge razor on the market. If you’re going all out with your razor, get the top razor blades as well.

Hopefully, this list of the best double edge razors has given you some options for improving your shave. These items are the cream of the crop.

If you find them to be a bit too pricey for you, check out our list of the best affordable double edge razors. They aren’t going to feel as good in your hand, but the blades remain the same!

Merkur Futur Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

The Futur, Merkur’s flagship adjustable double edge razor series. Made in Germany of only 2 pieces, this razor snaps together in a…well..a snap. It’s no doubt the Germans give the English a run for their money when it comes to engineering shaving gear. Merkur has been at it since 1896.

This slick 3.32” handle really does make this double edge razor look futuristic. The razor comes in 3 style options- polished chrome, matt satin chrome, and gold. Gold is the most luxurious but the polished chrome is hella futuristic. Are you a man of the Futur?

The closed comb head has an adjustable dial with 6 settings. It offers options from a narrow blade gap (1) to a larger blade gap (6). Also, it’s easily adjustable mid-shave. Set it to lower settings for more sensitive areas (e.g., neck) and crank it up when you need to get aggressive.

If you shave more than once a day…this is the best double edge razor for you. I’m sorry. We’re a beard company, we’d encourage you to let it grow. But if you do need to keep it clean you can use this razor aggressively in the morning and lightly for touch ups in the evening.

The adjustable head is the best thing about this razor. It’s perfect for ladies who shave their legs. Lower the setting and get ready for the beach! Couples could even share this thing. Just make sure you swap out blades after each use!

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