5 of the Best Affordable Double Edge Razors

Listed below are the 5 best affordable double edge razors (DE razors) we could find. These double edge razors come highly recommended and they are listed generally in the order of affordability.

The great thing about double edge razors is that the quality of the product is less important than that of a straight razor. Due to the replaceability of the razor blades you can easily use high quality blades in a less expensive double edge razor.

There is no honing or stropping required with a double edge safety razor. You don’t need to spend money on extra accessories to keep your blade sharp.

These are 5 of the best double edge razors for if you’re new to wet shaving and not looking to break the bank. Any of these products will be a great first step into the world of wet shaving.

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The 5 best affordable double edge razors:

Perfecto Professional Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor

Perfecto’s double edge safety razor may be the best affordable double edge razor available.

It’s, well, Perfecto for the newbie looking to explore wet shaving. *Groan*

This chrome DE razor has a long 3.5” handle with secure grip. It is perfectly balanced which allows you to apply the right amount of pressure needed. Be careful- this razor has been reported to be VERY aggressive. You may want to avoid it if you have sensitive skin (check out Edwin Jagger safety razors if you have more sensitive skin.)

It takes any standard razor blades. There is no butterfly opening in the razor’s head.

This is a great option for beginners because of their money back return policy. If you don’t get the closest shave of your life they will refund your money. Take a chance on a new razor, you literally have nothing to lose!

WEISHI Chrome Double Edge Safety Razor

This list is all about the best affordable double edge razors. These double edge razors look so bad ass…it’s kind of amazing they’re so cheap.

The chrome double edge safety razor by Weishi is an excellent razor. With a length of about ~4.3 inches it is certainly one of the longer handles we’ve seen. And it just looks plain cool!

Use any standard razor blades in this bad boy. It has a butterfly head for blade replacement. Simply twist the knob at the base of the handle to open the head. Insert the blade then twist the other way to close. Once the blade is secured in the chamber you’re ready to shave.

This beautifully designed double edge razor comes in a really cool Weishi branded black box. You’ll feel the luxury when you take it out of the box and hold it in your hands. Also, it’s a perfect gift for the luxurious man in your life.

QSHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor

This is a Merkur Futur knockoff. We mentioned the Futur in our other post on the best double edge razors. Merkur’s patent on the Futur expired, so imitations are appearing on the market.

Hell, this one is reportedly even manufactured in the same factory as Merkur’s model. If you’re pinching pennies, you can get this similar model for a fraction of the price (90% cheaper last we checked).

QSHAVE offers this great affordable double edge safety razor. Its matte finish is strikingly different from the other double edge razors on this list. The matte finish, as opposed to chrome, gives the razor a bit of a dulled look.

However, dull is hardly an adjective I would use to describe this razor. In fact, this razor’s blade can be adjusted between 6 different blade exposure settings. You have a lot of flexibility to set your blade between a mild and aggressive shave. Make sure you adjust the setting with dry hands- we’d hate to have an accident happen due to adjusting with slippery hands.

The matte finish gives this DE razor a more modern aesthetic. It is designed in Germany and the Germans do a damn good job at engineering.

The handle is long, roughly 4 inches, giving more handle for you dudes with large hands. Its weight (4 oz) is also distributed well, which allows you to let the weight of the product do most of the work during your shave. The best affordable double edge razors will still have some weight to them.

While most double edge safety razors use a screw to hold the blade in the place, the safety razor by QSHAVE uses a clip. The top plate clips onto the base. Simply pop off the top plate, swap out razor blades, then snap the top plate back on to finish loading the blade. Remember, dry hands.

Parker 92R Double Edge Safety Razor

The 92R double edge razor by Parker is one of the best affordable double edge razors. And it is very popular!

Of the double edge razors on this list, this is the only one that is not one solid chrome color. Its 4.4” black textured handle gives this double edge razor a unique design when compared to the others.

It is made with a durable solid brass frame and is rust resistant. Weighing in at 3.4 ounces this bad boy has enough mass to really get the job done. Let its weight do the work on your face.

The 92R also has a butterfly mechanism on the head for replacing blades. It works similar to other models with the butterfly mechanism- just twist the knob to open the doors and swap out the blades.

You can use any standard razor blades in this double edge razor. The razor placement is not adjustable, so the level of aggressiveness will depend on the razor blades you buy. This product is a great choice if you’re looking for a higher-end affordable double edge razor.

Merkur Slant Bar Double Edge Safety Razor

This device by Merkur is the most expensive out of all the affordable razors on this list. And for good reason. Merkur is an established brand that produces rather high-quality shaving products.

With an elegant chrome finish, this 2-piece double-edge safety razor has a classic look to it. Its handle is a bit shorter than the other razors on this list, coming in at 3.4 inches.

FYI this double edge safety razor is not for beginners. The main feature of this double edge razor is the aggressive slant bar design. The slant bar design helps keep the blade taught while giving the razor the feel of a straight razor.

This razor is compatible with standard razor blades. Simply load the blades and you’re ready to shave. After lathering your face, hold the razor at a 30-degree angle and let the weight of the razor do the heavy lifting while shaving.

This is the razor for the experienced wet shaver looking to get a new, yet cheap, double edge safety razor.

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