4 Things a Great Beard Actually Helps You With

Maintaining a beard is a personal choice, and usually one made with some consideration of style and attractiveness.

That is to say, most guys who grow out their beards and then focus on maintaining them do it because they believe it looks good (and hey, by our estimation, they’re usually right!).

But beards have some benefits as well, some practical and some recreational. So without further ado, here’s our look at four of the things a great beard can actually help you with in life (besides looking your absolute best).


This is a category that probably won’t come as a surprise.

However, this isn’t some vague, arrogant statement to the effect of, “chicks dig guys with beards.”

While that might be true in some cases, we’re actually taking a more scientific approach. Research has shown in more than one study that women ultimately prefer men with stubble - but also that full beards score very high on perceived masculinity, which can be desirable in dating.

So in a very real, proven way, having a well-kept beard can actually make you more noticeable and alluring to women.

Playing Poker

Strangely, you don’t see too many professional poker players with big beards - but it does happen, and when you dive into the facts of poker “tells,” it makes sense why.

We know that the eyes play a significant role in poker tells, and through the eyes we’re ultimately talking about expressions that can betray emotions, reactions, etc.

Simply put, a full beard masks some of this expression, and makes it harder to determine what a given eye movement might actually be revealing.

So, if you happen to play a lot of poker, a beard might actually be of real assistance.


This one more or less speaks for itself. If you frequently ski or enjoy other outdoor winter activities, a beard isn’t just a fashion statement, but a legitimate natural face warmer.

That’s not to say you might not want a material face warmer as well, but you might be surprised how much a beard keeps you comfortable while you’re out on the slopes.

Genuine Health Benefits

This may sound almost like a joke, but research has shown there are actually very real health benefits to maintaining a beard.

An article at The Huffington Post actually delved into them and included reduced chances of bacterial infection, assistance for people with asthma, and even guarding against throat disease.

All of these benefits basically boil down to the fact that a genuine, full beard filters a lot of the airborne particles that can otherwise accumulate and form small issues for the face and throat.

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